Learning to read and write research papers in one shot

Autoencoder: data to summary to original data back. ( Image © Keras blog )

So, how do you learn, without anyone teaching you?

  1. Take a research paper you would like and choose a section (Abstract, Introduction, Conclusion, etc.).
  2. Read the section, note down important key points (Encoding).
  3. Now, try to rewrite the section from your notes (Decoding).
  4. Compare your writing with the original paper. Note down what you have learned.
  5. Repeat.
  1. On Writing Well — by William Zinsser
  2. Writing with Flair — Udemy
  3. Writing in the Sciences — Coursera
  4. How to Write and Publish a Scientific Paper — Coursera
  5. This is one of the handiest resources I came across, a list of “Useful phrases” in paper writing.



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Masum Hasan

Masum Hasan

Researcher in NLP and Machine Learning | masumhasan.net