AlphaFold: What the heck is Protein Folding and Why should we care?

Fig. Protein structure vs AlphaFold prediction (src. DeepMind)
Fig. Peptide bond (src. wiki)
Fig. Random protein (src. wiki)
Fig. Prediction performance (src. DeepMind)
Fig. Custom protein prediction on a laptop (src. me)

“What else we thought was impossible can be done with AI?”

Understanding proteins is understanding the building blocks of life — by extension, it is understanding life itself. How the first life began on earth is still a mystery. Maybe one day this will help us figure that out and create artificial life for the first time! If this doesn’t excite someone to live in the 21st century, I have 3 words for them:



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Masum Hasan

Masum Hasan

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